352nd Fighter Squadron Updates

I’ve just made some further additions to the 352nd Fighter Squadron page by  adding pictures of all the Squadron Commanders and then some representative pictures of Squadron pilots for various times during the war. On the larger late-war photo I’ve been unable to confirm a few of the names with 100% certainty (so over to you). I can usually recognise most Group pilots up to late summer 1944, but it gets more difficult with the later P-51 pilots because some completed tours so quickly that they rarely show up in the photographic record. I had help here too – I have several versions of the photos, one annotated by Wilton Johnson and another by Frank Bouldin (who provided most of the IDs). Bouldin, of course, was famous as the pilot of ‘Dallas Doll’ – a photo of which has the honour of probably being the most reproduced and published of the 353rd ever. A nice shot it is too, but who was the real life ‘Dallas Doll’? Answer: Miss Christine Crisp of Dallas, Texas.

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  1. Graham Bouldin

    Thanks for the great site. You mentioned that Frank Bouldin helped with identification of the photos. How did you know him? He was my grandfather. Though I can’t say I knew him very well I ‘ve always been interested in his flying career so this website is great!

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