Mission#12 August 24, 1943 – Lt Wilford F. Hurst Claim

Date: Aug 24, 43

Dispatched: 48 Aborts: 0

Mission: Penetration Support to 1st TF 120 B-17s Field Order: 44/112

Time Up/Down: 16.48 hrs 18.35 hrs Leader: Major McCollom Target: Villacoublay

Claims Air: 01-00-02 Claims Ground: 00-00-00 Lost/Damaged: 00-00

Group took off from Thorney Island. Mission was a penetration support to bombing of Evreux. The Group picked up 120 B-17s 12 miles north of St Valery at 17.30 hrs and escorted them to Evreux. Thirty Fw190s attacked in the vicinity of Rouen and were driven off by the 350th Fighter Squadron. Lt. Hurst of the 350th FS made a head on attack on one Fw190 which was seen to explode. The 351st chased enemy aircraft one of which was claimed as damaged by Capt. Beckham. Group made port turn near Evreux. A few Fw190s evaded encounter. Out over Dieppe at 26,000 ft. Group led by Major McCollom with Major Duncan and Lt. Herfurth of Group HQ participating [Herfurth and McCollom are not listed in the Squadron flight plans, though it looks like they may have flown with the 352nd]. Group landed at Manston at 18:35 hrs.

350th: Major Rimerman. T/U 16:48 hrs. T/D 18:35 hrs. Total flight time 1:47 hrs. Bombers were escorted in according to plan. Lt. Hurst succeeded in making an excellent head on attack at another Fw190 which was hit and exploded and disintegrated. The flight leader, Venell, was also able to attack the #4 man in the enemy flight. He made no claim but was later awarded a damaged. On the way back to the Channel near Rouen Lt. Fry reported an Fw190 following Lt Venell’s flight out. Lt Venell turned to engage the 190 which was gaining on the formation, but it out turned him and got on his tail. Lt. Fry and Hurst broke to ward off the attack, and Lt Fry got in a short burst from head on and above. Two more 190s came out of the sun at Lt. Fry, and when he noticed tracers going over his wings, he dived for the deck and went home alone landing at another field to refuel.

Major Ben Rimerman (Sqdn Ldr)
1st Lt John L. Devane
1st Lt John Sullivan
2nd Lt William F. Tanner
Major Glenn E. Duncan (Flt Ldr)
1st Lt William W. Odom
1st Lt Robert L. Newman
2nd Lt Francis T. Walsh
Capt Stanley R. Pidduck (Flt Ldr)
1st Lt Harold W. Long
1st Lt Wayne K. Blickenstaff
2nd Lt Walter L. Angelo
1st Lt Irvin E. Venell (Flt Ldr)
2nd Lt John Zolner
1st Lt Wilford F. Hurst
2nd Lt Dwight A. Fry

351st: Major Christian. T/U 16:48 hrs. T/D 18:36 hrs. Total flight time 1:48 hrs. North of Paris the Squadron saw eight or nine Fw190s in the vicinity of the bombers. Capt Beckham led his flight into the attack and claimed an Fw190 damaged.

Major Shannon Christian (Sqdn Ldr)
1st Lt Gordon B. Compton
1st Lt George N. Ahles
2nd Lt Hassell D. Stump
1st Lt Frederick H. Lefebre (Flt Ldr)
2nd Lt John G. Treitz
1st Lt David C. Kenney
2nd Lt Irving Toppel
Capt Walter C. Beckham (Flt Ldr)
2nd Lt Jack Terzian
1st Lt Harry F. Hunter
2nd Lt George F. Perpente
1st Lt Jack R. Walsh (Flt Ldr)
2nd Lt Lloyd A. Thornell
1st Lt William R. Burkett
2nd Lt Harold J. Morris


352nd: Major Bailey. T/U 16:48 hrs. T/D –:– hrs. Total flight time unknown.  Penetration support up at Thorney Island and down at Manston. Destination: St Valery En Ceux and Evereux. The flight order in the report is as follows:

Capt Charles J. Hoey
2nd Lt Lester L. Dansky
1st Lt Charles W. Kipfer
1st Lt Robert C. Durlin
2nd Lt Wilton W. Johnson
1st Lt Robert P. Geurtz
2nd Lt Victor L. Vogel
Major William B. Bailey (Sqdn Ldr)
1st Lt Gordon L. Willits
1st Lt James N. Poindexter
Capt Raynor E. Robertson (Flt Ldr)
2nd Lt William J. Jordan
1st Lt Edward M. Fogarty
2nd Lt Leroy W. Ista

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