Mission#29 October 2, 1943 – Back to Emden

Date: Oct 2, 43

Dispatched: 48 Aborts: 1

Mission: General support to 2nd TF, 180 B-17’s Field Order: 148/10

Time Up/Down 15:04 hrs 18:05 hrs  Leader: Major Duncan

Target: Emden

Claims Air: 01-03-01 Claims Ground: 00-00-00 Lost/Damaged: 00-00

Group made landfall south of Kijkjuin at 15:48 hrs at 23,000ft. Dropped tanks 10 miles south west of Harlingen at 15:55 hrs, 24,500ft. Made R/V made with bombers at 16:03 hrs above a complete overcast. Continued with the bombers over the target where port turn was made and the bombers were escorted out to sea. Group left them at 16:32 hrs at 26,000ft. As the R/V was made attack by e/a against bombers was seen. These consisted of head on attacks. Some were by formation but by far the majority were single e/a who attacked head on but from a lower altitude than the bombers. The e/a were mostly Me109s with few Fw190s. No attacks by enemy were seen above the bomber level and all attacks ceased when the bombers started out to sea. Four engagements were made. Two by Capt. Beckham and two by Major Duncan, each claiming one destroyed and one probably destroyed. All these engagements took place 2000-4000ft below the bombers. Several other similar attacks were driven off but no combats resulted. No bombers were observed to be in any trouble. Three green flares seen and bombers dropped in this area but due to complete overcast the exact location and results of bombing are unknown. Light flak over Gunigen area, evidently at bombers, but inaccurate. Flak over target area heavy and accurate for altitude but trailing bombers. Three small boats seen south of Terschilling Island moving south. Visibility excellent. Capt. Stafford and Lt. Thistlethwaite of Group HQ participated.

350th: Major Duncan. T/U 15:04 hrs. T/D 18:05 hrs. Total flight time 3:01 hrs. All returned safely. The planes left between Southwold and Lowestoft at about 7,000ft. Met bombers at about 16:05 and escorted them over the target, which was Emden. Heavy flak was encountered in vicinity of Emden and Me109 were encountered about 20 miles north of the city. Solid overcast over target, visibility unlimited. Lt. Dawson and Zolner landed a Scunthorpe and returned the next day.

Major   Glenn E. Duncan   (Sqdn Ldr)
2nd Lt   Robert N. Ireland
1st Lt   Melvin P. Dawson   P42 LH-N   42-22475
2nd Lt   John Zolner   P40 LH-Z
Capt   Robert E. Fortier   (Flt Ldr)
2nd Lt   Charles O. Durant
1st Lt   John Sullivan
2nd Lt   Roland N. McKean   P48 LH-K
Capt   Stanley R. Pidduck   (Flt Ldr)
1st Lt   Robert L. Newman
1st Lt   Charles W. Dinse
2nd Lt   Dwight A. Fry
1st Lt   Wilford F. Hurst   (Flt Ldr)
2nd Lt   William F. Tanner
2nd Lt   William J. Price
2nd Lt   Robert C. Peters
2nd Lt   Richard A. Stearns
2nd Lt   Walter B. Stone
1st Lt   John L. Devane
1st Lt   Alan W. Lowe

Lt. Melvin Dawson was element lead in White flight following Major Duncan into an attack on four Me109s. Dawson fired on an Me109 but had to break off his attack when he was attacked taking hits in the tail of his P-47 LH-N “Kalamazoo Gal” (a/c 42-22475). Lt Dawson, originally from Kalamazoo, Michigan, and his “Gal” survived to fight another day – but keep your eye out for LH-N in future weeks.

351st: Major Christian. T/U 15:10 hrs. T/D 17:52 hrs. Total flight time 2:42 hrs. Belly tank mission. Route: Texel Island to Zoutkamp, Groningen, Emden, out over W Frisian Islands. Capt. Beckham made a claim for one Fw190 destroyed and an Me109 as a probable, but he was awarded them both as probably destroyed. Lt. Kenney landed at Ludham.

Major   Shannon Christian   (Sqdn Ldr)
2nd Lt   Herbert K. Field
1st Lt   William J. Maguire
2nd Lt   Richard D. Stanley
Capt   Orville A. Kinkade   (Flt Ldr)
2nd Lt   George F. Perpente
1st Lt   Frank N. Emory
2nd Lt   Francis L. Edwards
Capt   Walter C. Beckham   (Flt Ldr)
2nd Lt   William T. Thistlethwaite
1st Lt   David C. Kenney
2nd Lt   Irving Toppel   R36 YJ-I
Capt   Frederick H. Lefebre   (Flt Ldr)
2nd Lt   John G. Treitz
1st Lt   George N. Ahles
2nd Lt   Hassell D. Stump
Capt   Charles L. Stafford   (Flt Ldr)
1st Lt Vic L. Byers
1st Lt Gordon B. Compton
2nd Lt Edgar J. Albert

352nd  : Major Bailey. T/U 15:07 hrs. T/D 18:02 hrs. Total flight time 2:55 hrs. Squadron took off with Major Bailey leading, obtained altitude and made landfall about two minutes earlier than scheduled. Made rendezvous with bombers two minutes late. Heavy flak observed. No encounters with enemy aircraft.

Major   William B. Bailey   (Sqdn Ldr)
2nd Lt   Donald J. Corrigan
1st Lt   Edward M. Fogarty
1st Lt   Leroy W. Ista
Capt.   Charles J. Hoey   (Flt Ldr)
2nd Lt   Wilton W. Johnson
1st Lt   Charles W. Kipfer
1st Lt   Gordon L. Willits
Capt.   Raynor E. Robertson   (Flt Ldr)
1st Lt   Gordon S. Burlingame
1st Lt   Leslie P. Cles

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