Mission#39 October 24, 1943 – Target: St. Andre

Date: Oct 24, 43

Dispatched: 52 Aborts: 9

Mission: Top cover to B-26’s Field Order: 166

Time Up/Down: 11:33 hrs 13:56 hrs Leader: Major Duncan

Target: St Andre

Claims Air: 00-00-00 Claims Ground: 00-00-00 Lost/Damaged: 00-00

Group arrived at R/V at 12:30 hrs. No bombers seen. Crossed French coast at 12:40 hrs, 25,000ft,10 miles north east of Fecamp. Group leader informed by 56 Group that they were going a little higher. Controller advised bombers on course on time just before landfall. Because of overcast leader climbed to 34,000ft before breaking out of cloud in vicinity of Le Neubourg. Flew course south of Danville making left turn passing over St. Andre de Leure, out west Dieppe, 24,000ft at 13:17 hrs. Nothing of importance to report. Capt. Rose and Lt. Herfurth of Group HQ participated. Lt. Herfurth returned as escort for Major Bailey.

350th: Major Rimerman. T/U 11:45 hrs. T/D 13:45 hrs. Total flight time 2:00 hrs. No R/V was made with the bombers although Squadron was on course on time. Sqdn climbed through overcast to 33,000 ft or 34,000 ft and came out above the overcast as Major Rimerman’s radio went out. No e/a No flak. No action.

Major Ben Rimerman (Sqdn Ldr)
Capt John B. Rose
2nd Lt William J. Price
2nd Lt William F. Tanner
Capt Stanley R. Pidduck (Flt Ldr)
1st Lt Tom Lorance
1st Lt Charles W. Dinse
2nd Lt John H. Winder
Capt Dewey E. Newhart (Flt Ldr)
2nd Lt Francis T. Walsh
1st Lt Wayne K. Blickenstaff
2nd Lt Robert S. Hart
1st Lt Wilford F. Hurst (Flt Ldr)
2nd Lt Richard A. Stearns
1st Lt Melvin P. Dawson
2nd Lt John Zolner

351st: Major Duncan. T/U 11:25 hrs. T/D 13:55 hrs. Total flight time 2:30 hrs. Route: St Vallery en Caux – Damville to St Andre, out near Dieppe.

Major Glenn E. Duncan (Sqdn & Gp Ldr)
2nd Lt Lloyd A. Thornell
1st Lt William R. Burkett
2nd Lt Harold J. Morris
Capt Orville A. Kinkade (Flt Ldr)
2nd Lt Herbert K. Field
1st Lt Frank N. Emory
2nd Lt Francis L. Edwards
1st Lt Gordon B. Compton (Flt Ldr)
F/O Cletus Peterson
1st Lt William J. Maguire
2nd Lt Benedict E Kraft
1st Lt Vernon A. Leatherman (Flt Ldr)
2nd Lt Richard D. Stanley
1st Lt Francis N. King
2nd Lt Edgar J. Albert
F/O Joseph E. Wood (spare)
Major Shannon Christian (Listed as flying in Sqdn records)
1st Lt Harry F. Hunter (Listed as flying in Sqdn records)
2nd Lt George F. Perpente (Listed as flying in Sqdn records)

352nd: Major Bailey. T/U 11:33 hrs. T/D 13:46 hrs. Total flight time 2:13 hrs. Squadron left English coast on time and made an orbit over English channel, but did not see bombers at any time. Layer of cirrus overcast extending from 26,000ft to 34,000ft was encountered and Squadron went through these clouds in order to form top cover so that enemy coast and lower Groups could not be seen. Squadron was beleived to be in general area of the target when recalled. Could not establish contact on fighter-bomber channel so there was no way to determine if protection was afforded bombers.

Major William B. Bailey (Sqdn Ldr) ERTN
1st Lt Herman Herfurth (listed in MSR)
1st Lt Gordon L. Willits
2nd Lt Russell Moriarty
1st Lt Edward M. Fogarty (Flt Ldr)
2nd Lt Richard V. Keywan
1st Lt Clinton H. Sperry
2nd Lt Glenn C. Callans
Capt Raynor E. Robertson (Flt Ldr)
2nd Lt Hildreth Owens
1st Lt James N. Poindexter
2nd Lt Harry E. Dustin
Capt Charles J. Hoey (Flt Ldr)
2nd Lt Joseph Schillinger
1st Lt Gordon S. Burlingame (listed in MSR)
2nd Lt Maurice Morrison
1st Lt Wilbert H. Juntilla (Spare)
1st Lt Leroy W. Ista (Spare)
2nd Lt Donald J. Corrigan (listed in Sqdn records)
1st Lt Charles W. Kipfer (listed in Sqdn records)

*Note that for all three Squadrons there are two flight line-ups available. The Squadron records and a Mission Summary Report (MSR). The names listed above are a combination of both sources and an accurate line-up seems impossible to confirm.

Group Aborts/Early Returns/Battle Damage:

42-74671 ABT   lost flight YJ-T
42-8457 ABT   tach out YJ-O
42-7906 ERTN   escort YJ-L
42-7972 ABT   supercharger out YJ-P
42-74736 ERTN   escort YJ-U
42-22477 ABT   instruments out YJ-S
42-8380 ABT   loss of belly tank pressure YJ-A
42-8466 ABT   engine cut out SX-B Major   Bailey
42-8374 ERTN   escort SX-D Lt.   Herfurth

At 18:30 hrs that evening 1st Lt. Charles W. Dinse of the 350th FS was returning home from Goxhill after visiting a former Squadron member Lt. Farlow. Making a night landing he lowered his landing gear too late and bellied in Major Rimerman’s plane LH-V (a/c 42-8001):

I was flying number 4 position in an eight ship flight. We approached the field and peeled off in two sections of four. Being dark, Captain Newhart called on the R/T and told the flights to take plenty of space.

After peeling off, I put my landing gear handle in the down position at the time I saw the gear of the ship ahead of me coming down, after which I proceeded to make a normal approach. Just as I was about to set the ship down, the Control Tower at the end of the runway shot a red flare, however at that stage it was too late to go around. I believe that I landed touching the tail first and coming down on the bomb rack. I immediately cut all the switches and jumped out of the plane.

Major Rimerman’s reaction to the breaking of his aircraft is not known…

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