Mission#45 November 19, 1943 – Target: Gelsenkirchen (secondary)

Date: Nov 19, 43

Dispatched: 49 Aborts: 6

Mission: Target Support to 180 B-17’s. Field Order:184

Time Up/Down: 10:57 hrs 13:37 hrs Leader: Lt Col McCollom

Target: Hit secondary, Gelsenkirchen

Claims Air: 00-00-00 Claims Ground: 00-00-00 Lost/Damaged: 00-00

Group crossed enemy coast at Ijmuiden at 11:58 hrs, 28,000ft. Bombers seven minutes late. R/V with bombers made at 12:10 hrs, believed in the middle of the Zuider Zee, south of planned course. Lead box of bombers on the right with other two boxes echeloned to the left. Contact with bombers made at this point. Continued on course until 12:30 hrs at point estimated to be Rhine. Complete overcast with few breaks made ground checks problematical. Lead box made left turn and came behind the others and formation then made a right turn and flew course of 250 degrees. We were not informed of this manoeuvre which caused considerable confusion while in progress. Called Westland at 12:30 hrs and told them bombers were believed to be considerably NE of course and about 20 mins late. Suggested that other Groups be vectored to the target area for R/V (not received). But was repeated and received about 13:00 hrs. Stayed with the bombers until 12:40 hrs. Crossed out at West Schouwen Island, 13:02 hrs, 25,000ft, no e/a seen. Persistent whine on R/T still prevalent. Capt. Rose and Lt. Thistlethwaite of Group HQ participated.

350th: Lt Col McCollom. T/U 10:50 hrs. T/D 13:40 hrs. Total flight time 2:50 hrs. Course: Amsterdam to 52 20 N-06 30 E to target (Gelsenkirchen) to R/V with 78th to home. Lt Col McCollom led Squadron giving support to left side of formation of B-17s. Bombers called that they were late. R/V made with bombers over Zuider Zee at 28,000ft. No bomb run was observed. No flak or e/a were seen. Weather 10/10 overcast over enemy territory. Landfall out was made at 13:00 hrs.

Lt Col Loren McCollom (Gp Ldr)
Capt John B. Rose
1st Lt William W. Odom
1st Lt Francis T. Walsh
Capt Wilford F. Hurst (Flt Ldr)
2nd Lt William F. Tanner
1st Lt Melvin P. Dawson
2nd Lt Richard A. Stearns
Capt Stanley R. Pidduck (Flt Ldr)
2nd Lt Carl W. Mueller
1st Lt William J. Price
1st Lt Joseph F. Furness
1st Lt John Sullivan (Flt Ldr)
1st Lt Roland N. McKean
1st Lt Robert N. Ireland
2nd Lt Chauncey Rowan
Capt Dewey E. Newhart (Spare)
2nd Lt Walter L. Angelo (Spare)

351st: Major Christian. T/U 10:49 hrs. T/D 13:39 hrs. Total flight time 2:50 hrs. Route: In at Zanguoort – R/V at Jijssen – Gelsenkirchen – out south of the Hague.

Major Shannon Christian (Sqdn Ldr)
Capt Jack R. Walsh
Capt Frederick H. Lefebre
1st Lt George N. Ahles
Capt Walter C. Beckham
1st Lt David C. Kenney
1st Lt Frank N. Emory
2nd Lt Herbert K. Field
1st Lt William R. Burkett
2nd Lt Hassell D. Stump
1st Lt Vic L. Byers
2nd Lt Lloyd A. Thornell
2nd Lt John G. Treitz
2nd Lt Jack Terzian
2nd Lt William T. Thistlethwaite
2nd Lt Irving Toppel
2nd Lt Francis L. Edwards
2nd Lt George F. Perpente
2nd Lt Harold J. Morris
1st Lt Gordon B. Compton

352nd: Major Bailey. T/U 10:57 hrs. T/D 13:50 hrs. Total flight time 2:53 hrs. Squadron made landfall at 12:01 hrs, ten minutes late over Alkmaar approximately 25 miles to the north of planned point of landfall. R/V with bombers at 12:10 hrs. Left bombers at 12:42 hrs making landfall out at 12:59 hrs over Nordwal.

Major William B. Bailey (Sqdn Ldr)
2nd Lt Maurice Morrison
1st Lt Gordon L. Willits
2nd Lt Hildreth R. Owens
1st Lt Jesse W. Gonnam (Flt Ldr)
2nd Lt Glenn G. Callans
1st Lt William F. Streit
2nd Lt Russell E. Moriarty
Capt Raynor E. Robertson (Flt Ldr)
2nd Lt Edison G. Stiff
1st Lt James N. Poindexter
2nd Lt William S. Marchant
1st Lt Thomas J. Forkin (Flt Ldr)
1st Lt William J. Jordan
1st Lt Robert A. Newman
1st Lt Charles W. Kipfer

Group Aborts/Early Returns:

41-6528 ABT   oxygen system YJ-W
42-8379 ABT oil   cover was loose YJ-H
42-74636 ABT   glass elbow broken SX-?
42-22462 ABT   instruments frozen SX-P
42-22465 ERTN   escort SX-Y
42-8374 ABT   engine cutting out SX-D

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