An Open Letter…

To the person who thinks it’s OK to copy pictures from this site and try and sell them to unsuspecting customers on a well known online marketplace site:

It is not OK to defraud people by charging for material that is freely available and lie about where it has come from.

It is not OK to claim credit for the hard work and good will of others.

It is not OK to make a cheap buck off the memory of the 353rd.

It is OK to report the infringment and I will do so.

Check your moral compass – it would appear you need a heading correction.

[To everyone else my apologies for the rant – I’m just ticked-off that someone would do this. Your thoughts and messages, whatever you think, are welcome].


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5 responses to “An Open Letter…

  1. Randy

    No matter what you call theft or how you do it, it still makes one a thief! Quit swiping photos off this site! They are private property!!

  2. Thanks for the message Randy. The photos are free for everyone to use for their personal research and enjoyment. The copyright notice is quite clear that commercial use is not allowed. It just saddens me that someone is using the content to cheat people.

  3. jamone2

    Cannot believe somebody does that. Shame on that person.

  4. ttwteach

    I’m right there with you. Some people have no scruples or honor. Thanks for all you do.

  5. Harrie

    This kind of people don’t have any morals in their body.
    I can imagine you’re angry and upset.
    Go on with your fantastic work

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