353rd Fighter Group

Callsigns and Identification:

Metfield: ‘Boyhood’

Raydon (from April 22, 1944): ‘Cockle’

A Group Leader: ‘Slybird’ and then ‘Jonah’ from April 22, 1944.

B Group Leader: ‘Keylock’

C Group Leader: ‘Muffin’

Group Commanders


Air Executive Officers

Maj. William H. Schwartz circa October 1942 – December 1942

Maj. Glenn E. Duncan circa December 1942 – November 25, 1943

Lt Col. Ben Rimerman November 25, 1943 – July 7, 1944

Lt Col. William B. Bailey July 7, 1944 – September 9, 1945

In addition to providing overall command, Group Headquarters fulfilled several other operational duties with a small number of pilots assigned. The main responsibilities were S-3 Operations, Personnel Equipment, Air Sea Rescue and Photographic/Gunnery Officer. Assigned pilots would organise missions at the Group level, but also monitor and report on activity in the Squadrons. They remained assigned to their original Squadrons for administrative purposes and their aircraft continued to be maintained in these units.

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