351st Fighter Squadron

The Squadron was constituted September 29  and activated October 1, 1942. It was deactivated October 18, 1945. It was stationed at Mitchel Field, New York October 1, 1942; Richmond Army Air Base, Virginia circa October 7, 1942; Norfolk Army Air Field, Virginia October 23, 1942; Millville Army Air Field, New Jersey February 16 – May 27, 1943; Goxhill, England  June 8, 1943; Metfield, England August 5, 1943; Raydon, England April 14, 1944-circa October 11, 1945; Camp Kilmer, New Jersey, October 16-18, 1945. It served on operations in Air defense prior to overseas duty and combat in the European Theatre of Operations, August 9, 1943 – April 25, 1945. It holds campaign streamers for Air Offensive Europe; Normandy; Northern France; Rhineland; Ardennes-Alsace; Central Europe and Air Combat European African Eastern Mediterrean Theatre (EAME). It was awarded the Distinguished Unit Citation for operations in Holland September 17-23, 1944.

Callsigns and Identification:

Metfield: Roughman

Raydon: Lawyer

Second Group Sqdn: Squirrel

Aicraft Code Letters: YJ



351st Fighter Squadron, March 1944. Left to right back row Biddy, Tumlin, Toppel, Weaver, Leatherman, Stump, Edwards, Lefebre. Middle row left to right Strobell, Hungate, Thistlethwaite, Perpente, Hunter, Stanley, King. Front row left to right Frank, Trudeau, Mincik, Maguire, Terzian, Christian, Emory, Fields, Ahles and Byers.

351st Pilots August, 1944. Names to follow.

Late war 351st Pilots. Names to follow.

Late war 351st Pilots. Names to follow.

Ahles, George N., Capt.; Evansville, IN. 3/12/44 – 8/44. Fw190 dam air 8/6/44.

Albert, Edgar J., Lt.; New Brunswick, NJ. 3/12/42 – 5/2/44 (KIA).

Arnold, Merlin A., Lt.; Tampa, Fl. 6/10/44 – 30/3/45 (KIA). 0.5 Me262 dam 14/1/45; Fw190 dam grd 21/3/45.

Bachand, Robert E., Lt.; Chicago, Ill. 28/5/44 – 10/44.

Barlow, Albert W., Jr., Lt.; Portland, OR. 3/5/44 – 8/9/44. (EV). Me109 dest air 4/8/44. L52.

Beckham, Walter C., Maj.; De Funiak Springs, FL. 20/20/42 – 22/2/44. Fw190 dam air 24/8/43; Fw190 dest air 23/9/43; Me109 prob, Fw190 prob air 2/10/43; Me109 dest air 4/10/43; Fw190 dest air; Fw190 dam air 8/10/43; two Me110 dest and one Me210 dest air 10/10/43; two Fw190 dest air 14/10/43; Me410 dest, Fw190 dam  air 5/11/43; Fw190 dest air 11/11/43; two Fw190 dest 1/12/43; 0.2 share of Fw190 dam grd 14/1/44; two Me109 dest 21/1/44; Me109 dest air 30/1/44; two Me109 dest air 3/2/44; Me109 and Fw190 dest air 8/2/44; Fw190 dam air 13/2/44; 0.25 of two Fw190s dam on grd 22/2/44.

Bevington, Clarence G., Lt.; Bunker Hill, ID. 1/8/44 – 25/11/44 (MIA).

Biddy, Hardy L., Lt.; 8/4/44 – 9/44.

Bishop, John W., Lt.; Austin, TX. 28/5/44 – 10/44.

Brock, Thomas C., Lt.; Chicago Ill. 6/10/44 – 21/3/45 (MIA). Ju88 dam grd 18/11/4; Me109 dest air 14/3/45.

Brown, Jack G., F/O.; Syracuse, NY. 4/45 – U/K.

Burkett, William R., Lt.; Jefferson, IO, 3/12/42 – 4/3/44 (KIA). 0.5 Me110 dam 10/10/43.

Byers, Vic L., Jr., Maj.; Denison, IA. 3/12/42 – 7/45. Fw190 dam grd shared 14/1/44; 0.5 Fw190 dest 6/3/44; 0.33 Ju88 prob grd 29/3/44; Me109 dam air 9/7/44; Ju88 dest grd 4/8/88; Me109 dest air 11/8/44; Fw190 dest, Me109 prob air 2/3/45; Fi156 dest, Fw190 dest, Me262 dam all grd 16/4/45.

Campbell, Jerry M., F/O.; Orange, TX. 1/45 – 18/3/45 (POW).

Carbonneau, Henry J., Lt.; Dover, NH. 28/5/44 – 11/44. Me109 dest air 8/6/44.

Carroll, Arthur C., Capt.; Needham Heights, MA. Assigned Group 10/44-12/44. Assigned 351st 12/44-7/45. He111 dest and He111 dam grd 18/11/44. Fw190 dam grd 21/3/45.

Chase, Harold W., Capt.; East Corinth, VM. 28/10/44 – 7/44. Me109 dest, Me109 dam air 27/11/44; Me109 dest air 7/4/45; Four Fw190s dest, one Fw190 dam all grd 16/4/45.

Christian, Shannon, Lt Col.; Amory, MS. 20/10/42 – 11/43, 2/44 – 7/44.

Christensen, William J., Lt.; Joliet, Ill. 28/5/44 – 11/44. Two Fw190 dam 8/6/44.

Claville, Daniel L., Lt.; Ft Myers, Fl. 28/5/44 – 5/7/44 (MIA). 0.5 Me109 dest grd 25/6/44.

Cobb, William G., Lt.; Birmingham, MI. 3/5/44 – 10/44. Me109 dest air 7/6/44.

Compton, Gordon B., Capt.; Dallas, TX. 20/10/42 – 8/45. 0.25 two Fw190s dam grd 22/2/44; Fw190 dest grd, Ju88 dest air 22/2/44; 0.5 Me109 dest air 7/6/44; Fw190 dest air 8/6/44; 0.5 He111 dam grd 20/6/44; Ju52 dest grd 24/6/44; two Ju88 dest grnd, one t/e dam grd 18/11/44; Fw190 dest air 27/11/44; Me262 dest air 22/2/45; Ar234 dest grd 21/3/45; three Me410s, one Me110 dest grd 5/4/45; Me262 dest air 10/4/45; two Ju88s, two Ju188, one t/e all dest on grd, three t/e dam on grd 16/4/45.

Craft, Charles W., Lt.; Omaha, NB, 21/6/44 – 12/44. Two Me109 prob air 4/8/44; 0.5 Ju88 dam grd 12/8/44; 0.5 t/e dam 13/9/44.

Crampton, William C., Lt.; Jacksonville, Fl. 8/3/44 – 24/4/44 (POW).

Daniel, Harold E., Capt.; Syracuse, NY. 18/8/44 – 3/10/44 (POW).

Drybrough, Thomas R., Lt.; Indianapolis, IN. 28/10/44 – U/K. ui t/e dest grd 18/11/44; Fw190 dest air, Fw190 prob 27/11/44; two Fw190 dest. One S/E dest all grd 16/4/45.

Dwyer, john L., Lt.; Philadelphia, PA. 18/5/44 – 9/44. 0.5 He111 dam grd 20/6/44.

Eccles, Robert L., Lt.; October 1942-January 7, 1943 (KIFA).

Eddy, Bruce A., F/O.; Union, NY. 1/45  – 21/3/45 (POW).

Edwards, Francis L., Lt.; Tremont, PA. 27/1/43 – 5/44. Trfd to 352nd Sqdn and KIA 30/5/44. 0.5 Ju88 dam grd 23/4/44. Buzz Boy.

Emory, Frank N., Capt.; Mount Vernon, WA. 3/12/42 – 4/45. Me210 damair 5/11/43; Me109 dest air 10/2/44; 0.25 of two Me109s grd 22/2/44; Fw190 dest air 8/6/44; two Me109s dest, Fw190 dam, u/I t/e dam all grd 21/3/45; two Me262 dest, two Me262 dam all ground 9/4/45; Biplane, Ju87 and Fw190 dest, Fw190 and Me110 dam all grd 16/4/45.

Farley, Joseph R., Lt.; Jacksonville, FL. 28/4/44 – 28/5/44 (KIA).

Fenwick, Richard W., Lt.; Rocky River, OH. 4/45 – U/K.

Field, Herbert K., Lt.; Kankakee, Ill. 20/10/42 – 7/6/44. Fw190 dest air 22/4/44; 0.5 Ju88 dam grd 23/4/44; Me109 dest air 7/6/44.

Frank, William J., Jr., Lt.; Brooklyn, NY. 8/4/44 – 10/44. 0.5 Me109 dest 12/6/44.

Franklin George W., Lt.; Baltimore, MD. 8/4/44 – 9/44. Me109 dest, two Me109 dam air 1/6/44; t/e dest grd. T/e dam grd, Fw190 dam grd 25/6/44; Fw190 dest grd 7/7/44.

French, Bernard J., Lt.; Norpholet, AK. 6/10/44 – 25/10/44 (KIA).

Frye, James E., Lt.; Bristol, TN. 11/44 – 19/3/45 (KIA). Me109 dest air; Me262 dam air 3/3/45.

Fulton, Joseph O., Jr., Lt.; Paoli, PA. 6/10/44 – 4/45. Me109 dest air 14/3/45; Ju88 dest, Fw190 dest, two t/e dam all on grd 16/4/45.

Furneaux, John W., Lt.; Denver, CL. 3/5/44 – 5/9/44 (POW). T/E dest grd 25/6/44, Me109 dest air 9/7/44.

Galgan, John C., Jr., Lt.; Chicago, Ill. 4/45 – U/K.

Geiger, Clarence W., Lt.; Freeport, Ill, 28/10/44 – U/K. He111 dest, two Me109s dam all grd; two u/I t/e dest grd 16/4/45.

Gerrick, William M., Lt.; Wakeman, OH, 4/45 – U/K.

Gilmer, Harry U., Lt.; Birmingham, AL. 6/10/44 – 21/3/45 (POW).

Greene, Robert N., Lt.; Norfolk, VA. 30/8/44 – 17/9/44 (MIA).

Hahn, Robert H., Lt.; Weissport, PA. 28/10/44 – 7/45. Me109 dest air 7/4/45; four Ju88 dest, one Ju88 dam grd 16/4/45.

Hally, Lloyd G., Capt.; Huxley, IA, 7/6/44 – 21/9/44 (KIA). He111 dest grd 24/6/44; 0.5 Me109 dest grd 25/6/44; two Ju88 dest grd 4/8/44; Ju88 dest grd 27/8/44.

Hartley, Alex S., Capt.; Santa Monica, CA. 3/5/44 – 10/44. Me109 dest, two Me109 dam air 7/6/44, Me109 dest air 27/6/44; He111 dam grd 6/7/44, two Me109 dest air 4/8/44.

Hartley, Raymond E., Jr., Capt.; Kansas City, MO. Assigned Group 3/45-12/4/45 to 351st Sqdn ex-325th FS in Italy. Two Fw190 dest, one Me109 dest an one Me109 dam air 24/3/45; two Fw200s, one Fw190 and one Ju87 dest grd 16/4/45.

Hatch, John J., Lt.; Norristown, PA. 18/5/44 – 5/8/44. Fw190 dest air 8/6/44; Fw190 dest air 17/6/44; two Me109s dest air 9/7/44.

Highfield, Leroy B., Capt.; Seattle, WA. 19/7/44 – U/K. Ju88 dest, Me110 dest, He111 dam all grd 16/4/45.

Hilgenberg, Raymond Lt.; Chicago, Ill. 28/10/44 – 24/2/45 (KIA). 0.5 Me109 dest air 27/11/44.

Hinchey, James F., Lt.; Waltham, Mass. 19/7/44 – 4/45. Me109 dam air 4/8/44; Ju88 dest grd 12/8/44; two Fw190s dest and one Me109 dest 14/1/45.

Hungate, Max B., Lt.; Flint, MI. 19/2/44 – 9/44. Me109 dest air 7/6/44; Me109 dam air 27/6/44; Me109 dest air 11/8/44.

Hunter, Harry F., Lt.; Eau Claire, PA. 20/10/42 – 30/5/44 (POW). Me109 dest air 27/9/43; Fw190 prob air 22/4/44.

Hurlburt, Donald M., Lt.; Portville, NY. 26/8/43 – 22/2/44 (KIA). 0.5 Me110 dest air 8/10/43.

Hynes, John A., Lt.; Pawtuckett, RI. 2/45 – U/K. Me109 dest air 14/3/45; Me262 dam grd 9/4/45.

Inman, David., Lt.; Elmer, NJ. 4/45 – U/K.

Jeter, James W., Lt.; Washington, DC. 28/10/44 – 25/11/44 (KIA).

Johnson, Dwight W., Lt.; Prescott, OR. 29/6/44 – 18/8/44 (POW).

Kenney, David C., Lt.; Crystal Falls, MI. 20/10/42 – 3/2/44 (KIA).

King, Francis N., Lt.; St Petersburg, Fl. 20/10/42 – 5/44.

Kinkade, Orville A., Capt.; Vineland, NJ. 20/10/42 – 5/11/43 (POW). Me109 dest, Me109 dam air 27/9/43; Fw190 dam 8/10/43; Me109 dest air 14/10/43; Me109 dest air 5/11/43.

Knickelbein, Leslie H., Lt.; Milwaukee, WI. 18/5/44 – 10/44. He111 dam grd 20/6/44.

Kohler, Donald F., Lt.; Birmingham, Mich. 29/6/44 – 2/45. T/e a/c dest grd 29/8/44.

Kraft, Benedict E., Lt.; Vineland, NJ. 27/10/42 – 5/11/43 (POW). Me109 dam air 14/10/43.

Lahke, William K., Lt.; Cinncinnati, OH. 21/6/44 – 12/44. Me109 dest grd 12/8/44; Me109 dest air 28/8/44.

Lancaster, John G., Lt.; Minneapolis, KN. 11/44 – U/K.

Larson, Delvin G., Lt.; Oakland, CA, 2/45 – 6/45. Three Fw190 dest, four Fw190 dam all grd 16/4/45.

Larson, Robert W., Lt.; Thompson, IA. 21/6/44 – 30/6/44 (KIFA).

Law, James G., Lt.; San Antonio, TX. 4/45 – U/K.

Leatherman, Vernon G., Capt.; Grand Haven, MI. 20/10/42 – 5/44. Fw190 prob air 24/4/44.

Lefebre, Fred H., Lt Col.; Grand Rapids, MI. 20/10/42 – 2/45. 0.5 Me110 dest air 8/10/43; Me109 dest air 22/12/43; Fw190 dest, Me109 dam air 5/12/44.

Lewis Donald E., Lt.; Westlake, OH. 11/44 – U/K. Me109 dest, Me109 dam grd 21/3/45; Me262 dam grd 9/4/45.

Magaro, Francis S., Lt.; Steelton, PA. 2/45-3/45. Complete tour on bombers.

Maguire, William J., Capt.; West Roxbury, Mass. 3/12/43 – 5/45. (KIFA 11/8/45). Me109 dest air Me109 dam air 27/9/43; Fw190 dest air 14/10/43; two Me109 dest, Me109 dam 7/6/44. Me410 dest grd 25/6/44; Me109 dest air 9/7/44; two Me109s dest 14/3/45.

Maree, Howard P., Lt.; Norristown, PA. 1/8/44 – 3/45. 0.5 Fw200 dest grd; Me109 and Fw190 dest 14/1/45.

Markham, Gene E., Capt.; Rapid City, SD. 28/10/44 – 7/45. Me262 dam air 18/11/44; Fw190 dest air 27/11/94; 0.5 Me262 dam 14/1/45; three Me109s dest air 14/3/45; Me109 dest air, Me109 dam air 7/4/45.

Matula, John, Lt.; Norfolk, CN. 1/45 – 30/3/45.

McComas, John L., Lt.; Millville, NJ. 3/45 – U/K.

McCutchan, Francis G., Lt.; Brooklyn, NY. 3/45 – U/K.

McDermott, James L., Lt.; Chicago, Ill. 3/45 – 11/45.

McGraw, Charles L., Capt.; Severance, KN. 18/8/44 – 8/45. Do217 dest grd 13/9/94; three Me109 dest air 7/4/45; one He111 dest, two He111 dam all on grd.

McKenney, Paul M., Jr., Lt.; Atlanta, GA. 11/44 – 17/2/45 (KIA).

McLaughlin, Grover H., Lt.; Nemacolin, PA. 18/5/44 – 9/44. Two Me109s dest air 7/6/44; three Me109s dam grd, one t/e dam grd 7/6/44; Fw190 prob air 8/6/44; two Me109s dam air 27/6/44.

Meadors, Fletcher E., Lt.; Jacksonville, FL. 28/10/44– 10/12/44.

Miller, Gerald J., Lt.; Louville, NY. 1/45 – U/K. Two Fw190s dest, two Fw190s dam 21/3/45; six Fw190, two Me109s, one Do217 all dest on grd 16/4/45.

Milligan, Harry D., Capt.; Peru, NY. 16/9/43 – 1/45. 0.5 Fw190 dam air 14/1/44; 0.5 Fw200 dest grd 13/9/44.

Mincik, Frank J., Lt.; Long Island, NY. 12/9/43 – 6/44.

Mitchell, John L., Lt.; Saginaw, Mich. 17/5/44 – 7/44. Me109 dam air 7/6/44; Me109 dest grd, He111 dam grd 8/6/44.

Montgomery, George S., Lt.; Opelika, AL. 18/8/44 – 4/45.0.5 Me109 dest air 27/11/44; two Me109 dest air 14/3/45.

Moretz, Hazel, Lt.; Beaufort, NC. 28/5/44 – 11/44. Me109 dest air 4/8/44; 0.5 Ju88 dam grd 12/8/44.

Morris, Harold J., Lt.; Pensacola, Fl. 9/1/43 – 1/44. Me109 dam air 19/8/43; Me109 dam air 20/10/43.

Morris, Harry A., Jr., F/O.; Marietta, OH. 11/44 – U/K. He111 dest grd 21/3/45; Me210 dest, Me210 dam grd 9/4/45; Me110 dest, two Me109 dam, one Fw190 dam all grd 16/4/45.

Murphy, Walter E., Lt.; Albany, IN. 18/8/44 – 4/45.

Murray, Billy J., Lt.; Altus, OK. 18/8/44 – 4/45. Me262 dest 14/1/45.

Murray, Harold S., F/O.; Prattville, AL. 11/44 – U/K. Two Fw190 dest on grd 16/4/45.

Nicklebur, John M., Lt.; Port Arthur, TX. 18/8/44 – 4/45. Fw190 dest and Fw190 dam air 27/11/44; three Ju88 dest, two Ju88 dam all grd 16/4/44.

Ott, Nelson T., Lt.; Ammore, VA. 7/6/44 – 8/44. Me109 dam air 12/6/44; Me410 dam grd 25/6/44.

Pennington, Walter H., Jr., Lt.; Atska, OK. 2/45 – U/K. Two Me109s dam grd 21/3/45.

Perpente, George F., Lt.; Highland Park, NJ. 12/42 – 4/44. Me109 dam air 14/10/43; 0.25 of two Fw190s dam grd 22/2/44.

Peterson, Cletus W., Lt.; Kanosha, WI. 31/8/43 – 23/4/44 (POW).

Petticrew, Stanley S., Jr., Lt.; Springfield, OH. 6/10/45 – 4/45. Ju88 dest, Me109 dam grd 16/4/45.

Pryor, Thomas P., Jr., Lt.; Cedarhurst, NY. 1/45 – U/K. three Me410s dest, one Me110 dam all grd 5/4/45. Fw190 and Do217 dest grd 16/4/45.

Reagan, William N., Lt.; Long Beach, CA. 6/45.

Risk, Edward J., Lt.; Pawtuckett, RI. 2/45 – 16/4/45 (KIA). Me109 dest 14/3/45.

Rohrs, John W., Lt.; Independence, MO. 28/10/44 – 2/3/45 (KIA). 0.5 Me262 dest air 14/1/45.

Rosen, George J., Lt.; Schenectany, NY. 6/10/44 – 4/45. 0.5 Me262 dest air 14/1/45.

Sheck, Robert L., Jr.,  F/O.; Philadelphia, PA. 4/45 – U/K.

Shillinger, Robert P., Lt.; New York City. 2/45 – U/K.

Stachura, Robert M., F/O.; Leicester, Mass. 4/45 – U/K.

Stafford, Charles L., Capt.; Huntingdon, VA. Assigned Group 20/10/42 to 5/44. Assigned 351st to 9/44. 0.2 Fw190 dam 14/1/44; Me109 dest and Me109 dam air 4/8/44; three Me109 dam grd 13/9/44.

Stanley, Richard D., Lt.; Millville, NJ. 31/12/42 – 5/44.

Stapp, Glenn E., F/O.; Detroit, Mich. 3/45 – U/K.

Strobbell, Robert C., Lt.; Washington, DC. L52.7/5/44 – 8/44. Me109 prob air 8/6/44; Me109 dest air 9/7/44.

Stump, Hassel D., Capt.; Ocean Park, CA. 11/6/43 – 1/45. Me109 dam air 3/11/43; Me262 dam air 23/12/44.

Terzian, Jack, Lt.; New York City. 28/3/43 – 22/5/44 (POW). 0.5 Fw190 dest air 6/3/44; 0.5 t/e, 0.5 two s/e all grd 16/3/44; 0.33 Ju88 prob grd and 0.5 t/e dam grd 29/3/44.

Thistlethwaite, William T., Lt.; Richmond, IN. Assigned Group 12/42-3/44 to 351st 12/5/44 (KIA). Fw190 dam air 8/10/43; Me109 dest air 21/1/44. R22.

Thompson, Horace B., Jr., Lt.; Doeron, GA.28/10/44 – 7/45.

Thornell, Lloyd A., Lt.; Pitsford, NY. 3/12/42 – 3/2/44 (KIA).

Toppel, Irving, Lt.; Chicago, Ill. 23/3/43 – 4/44. R36.

Trietz, John G., Lt.; Louisville, KY. 31/1/43 – 4/44.

Trudeau, Paul J., Lt.; Pitsfield, MA. 7/2/44 – 5/44. L36.

Tumlin, Rupert M., Lt.; LaFayette, Indiana. 7/2/44 – 7/44. Fw190 dam air 24/4/44; Me109 dest air, Me109 dam air 12/6/44; t/e  dam grd 25/6/44; He111 dest grd 7/7/44.

Vieck, Louis L., Lt.; 2/44 – 3/44.

Vomaske, Richard F., Lt.; Spokane, WA. 30/6/44 – 12/44. Me109 dest air 21/9/44.

Walsh, Jack R., Capt.; Angels Camp, CA. 20/10/42 – 1/44. Fw190 dam air 8/10/43; 0.5 Me110 dam air 10/10/43.

Weaver, William J., Lt.; Webster, ND. 26/1/44 – 8/44. 0.33 Ju88 prob grd 29/3/44; Fw190 dest air, Fw190 dam air 8/6/44.

Wiehe, Robert K., Lt.; Cincinatti, OH. 28/10/44 – 8/45. Me109 dest air 27/11/44; one Fw190, one Me109, one He111 dest, one He111 dan all grd 16/4/45.

Williams, Monroe Q., Lt.; Baldwyn, Miss. 1/8/44 – 3/45. Me109 dest grd.

Wood, Joseph E., Lt.; Miami, Fl. 26/8/43 – 22/2/44 (KIA). Me110 dam air 10/10/43.

Ground Officers

Executive: Capt. Edgar J. Hauser

Headquarters: Capt. Coy L. Fisher was Adjutant but acted as club officer for 14 months so Capt Frederick Crollard fulfilled this role.

Intelligence: Capt. Clarence Fuchs with 1st Lt. Frederick Crollard as assistant.

Engineering: Capt. Harman E. Wheeler with Lt. H. J. Goudelock assistant.

Communications: 1st Lt. Max Bradbard.

Flight Surgeon: Capt. James S. Fleming.

Supply: 1st Lt. Andrew D. Snoke.

Ordnance and Armament: Lt. William T. Rich until transferred in November 44. Lt Leonard Arnold took over until replaced by 1st Lt. Samuel Bennett from Jan 45.

Transportation: 1st Lt. Andrew D. Snoke.

Enlisted Men




Mechanics ‘A’ and ‘B’ Flights

15 responses to “351st Fighter Squadron

  1. David McCloskey

    Thanks for the Blog! My grandfather, George N. Ahles, was a member of the 351st. He flew YJ-A from August 1943 until the group transitioned to P-51’s.

    • My pleasure – glad you found it. It’s early days yet with the blog so hopefully I can fill in a lot more information on the 351st and your grandfather.

  2. Martyn Serginson

    Great website ! I am constructing a very large R/C model of 351st FS P47 YJ-D named Georgie Fay. Flown, I think, by Lt Rupert M Tumlin and also Lt John J Hatch (KIA in this aircraft I believe ). If anyone could provide me with any details more about these guys, also crew chiefs etc ???
    It would be nice to pay tribute to these brave men when I am asked about my model at R/C plane shows, here in the UK. We need to keep the history alive regarding what the U.S. did for Europe during WW2.

  3. Jack Anderson

    My father Staff Sgt Richard Anderson was a Mechanic for 351st (Devils thumb, Bobbie JC, etc)

  4. Rick Peck

    Walter C. Beckham lived here in Albuquerque,NM but past away before I got the chance to get in touch with him.
    Any chance he has kids still in Albuquerque?
    Always wanted to build a model of his P-47D with all his kill markings,if all 18 were on there I don’t know.?
    Rick Peck

  5. Greg Laninga

    Thank you for this blog. My great uncle was Frederick H. Lefebre. As a child I had heard stories from my father about his Uncle Fred. My grandmother gave me letters and photographs of her brother from the war. I am glad I can learn more about him. I met him at my grandmothers funeral. As a USAF veteran I am happy that his legacy is being preserved.

  6. Steve Maged

    My father in law Myer Rubinstein is pictured in the front row under hq ,he lived to be 90 and passed away in 2008. He was very proud of his service in the 353. Steve Maged, Fran Maged.( Rubinstein, daughter)

  7. Robert F. Hahn II

    Hello. My Father, then Lt Robert F Hahn, 351st Fighter Squadron, 353rd FG from Dec 1944 to July 1945, is now 92. He resides in an assisted-living facility in Nashville, TN. I wonder who currently are all the living, surviving members of 351st FS, 353rd FG. That should be a test for the WWII Memorial, Military Channel, or the History Channel to research such a list of those living heroes !
    —-Robert F. Hahn II

  8. Robert F. Hahn II

    Hello again. My Father, Lt Robert F Hahn, 351st FS, 353rd FG, is in both late war photos with a P-51 (I understood to be on VE Day). In the photo with 4 rows of pilots, he is on top row, 5th from the left. In the photo with the YJ showing on the Starboard fuselage of a P-51, Lt Hahn is sitting atop the wing, alongside the fuselage, with a white scarf showing at his neck.
    —Robert F Hahn II

    • Melinda Hockman Callahan

      Your father probably knew my Uncle (Lt. Stan Petticrew, Jr.), who flew with this Unit and stationed in England. My uncle is also in a nursing home in Springfield, OH (town where he was born) and doesn’t know us any longer (dementia), but he is still physically in pretty good shape yet mostly sits in a wheelchair. I don’t know where Uncle Stan is standing in any of these photos of the Unit but I’m pretty certain that he’s there with your father. My uncle flew a P-51 named “Birmingham Annie” and this plane served him well. Thanks for sharing your information about your Father. We honor our servicemen’s duty to our Country, especially in commemorating WW2’s D-Day. From: Melinda Hockman Callahan (niece of Stan Petticrew) in Cincinnati, Ohio.

  9. Melinda Hockman Callahan

    My uncle (still living but in a nursing home) was Lt. Stan Petticrew, Jr., who flew a P-51 with this Unit. Later he worked at Wright Patterson Air Force Base (OH), and later retired after working in Springfield, OH at the Ohio-Edison Electric Company. Our family salutes his service during WW2, as well as his late sister (Janis), who served in the Navy WAVES. Thanks to our Petticrew family for serving our Country. We honor you today as we commemorate the 70th anniversary of D-Day. May we never forget the sacrifice of our Brothers/Sisters in arms and in harm’s way. From your niece in CIncinnati, OH (Melinda Hockman Callahan).

  10. Jane Weaver Archer

    My father was Lt. William J. Weaver of the 351st FS. I know his plane was heavily damaged during a combat mission but he was able to land it safely. I believe there was a large hole in one of the wings. I would welcome any additional information or photos of my father or his plane. Thank you for this wonderful site!

  11. gerald r. carbonneau

    My father was Lt. Henry J, Carbonneau, Jr. Gone but not forgotten. Very best wishes to the sons and daughters of those brave men with whom he flew and called his friends.

  12. James

    Many many years ago while working in a job that handled cash, I bought a one dollar bill that came through my hands because I thought it was cool at the time, but it’s been stashed away for 25yrs.
    It’s a “Short Snorter” from the Norfolk Airpost and has a couple dozen signatures from, I assume, airmen who served at that post during WWII. It’s not in very good condition, and I can’t make out all the names but I’m happy to share a picture or look if anyone is interested. The front of the bill seems to be signed mostly by gents from the 351 F.S. based in Norfolk, VA Feb 1943. (specific date that the bill began making the rounds appears to be Feb 10). On the back of the bill, there are two there are a few other sigs and some other groups written, but there are is only one signature and it is badly smudged. groups written but without many sigs: 324 F.S., 351 F.S., 365 F.S., 956 G.S., 796 B.S., 797 B.S., 364? B.S., 12 R.C.D.??? Also written on the back is “29 Missions B-??? with dates Dec 1-1943, May 2, 1944.
    This is the first sig on the front of the bill, so I’m betting he started the circulation. The bill was picked out of a cash till in Colorado back around 1988.
    I had to enter an email address to post this and I’ve selected to be notified of new comments/posts via email, so if there’s any interest just leave a note. I don’t plan on parting with the bill so it’ll be around if/when anyone reads this.

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