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Date                        Name                                    Status      Squadron

January 7, 1943         2nd Lt. Robert L. Eccles             KIFA           351st

March 1, 1943            2nd Lt. Meyer Rothblatt             KIFA           350th

March 24, 1943         2nd Lt. Roy J. Reigard                KIFA           350th

April 17, 1943             2nd Lt. Morgan J. Barton          KIFA           352nd

June 29, 1943             1st Lt. William M. Mathias         KIFA           352nd

July 24, 1943              2nd Lt. Jack D. Lepird                KIFA           352nd

July 24, 1943              1st Lt. Harry H. McPherson       KIFA           352nd

August 16, 1943         Lt. Col. Joseph A. Morris            KIA              353rd HQ

August 31, 1943         2nd Lt. Lester L. Dansky            KIA               352nd

August 31, 1943         2nd Lt. Robert T. Murden         POW             352nd

September 5, 1943    Capt Irvin E. Venell                    KIFA             350th

September 5, 1943    1st Lt. Harold W. Long               KIFA             350th

September 6, 1943    F/O Earl M. Perry                       KIA                352nd

September 15, 1943   2nd Lt. Walter J. Donovan       KIA                352nd

September 15, 1943   Capt. Robert C. Durlin              IIA                  352nd

September 18, 1943   2nd Lt. Francis J. Hajosy         KIFA              352nd

September 23, 1943   2nd Lt. George S. Dietz             KIA                352nd

October 14, 1943         2nd Lt. Dwight A. Fry               EV                  350th

October 14, 1943         2nd Lt. Robert C. Peters           KIA                350th

October 22, 1943        2nd Lt. Walter B. Stone             KIA                350th

October 22, 1943        1st Lt. Alan W. Lowe                  KIA                350th

November 5, 1943      1st Lt. Robert L. Newman         KIA                350th

November 5, 1943      Capt. Orville A. Kinkade           POW              351st

November 5, 1943      2nd Lt. Benedict E. Kraft          POW              351st

November 13, 1943    2nd Lt. John H. Winder            IIA                  350th

November 25, 1943    Lt. Col. Loren G. McCollom     POW               353rd HQ

December 22, 1943    1st Lt. Leroy W. Ista                   MIA                352nd

December 30, 1943    1st Lt. William W. Odom          KIA                 350th

December 30, 1943    2nd Lt. Russell E. Moriarty     POW               352nd

January 11, 1944         1st Lt. Victor L. Vogel                KIA                 352nd

February 3, 1944         Capt. Wilford F. Hurst              KIA                  350th

February 3, 1944         1st Lt. David C. Kenney            MIA                  351st

February 3, 1944         1st Lt. Lloyd A. Thornell          MIA                  351st

February 5, 1944         1st Lt. Edgar J. Albert                KIA                  351st

February 22, 1944       Major Walter C. Beckham       POW                 351st

February 22, 1944       1st Lt. Don M. Hurlburt           MIA                  351st

February 22, 1944       2nd Lt. Joseph E. Wood          MIA                  351st

February 22, 1944       1st Lt. Edison G. Stiff               KIA                   352nd

February 22, 1944       Capt. Keith A. Orsinger           KIA                   366th FG

March 4, 1944               1st Lt. William R. Burkett      KIA                    351st

March 6, 1944               1st Lt. Robert N. Ireland        KIA                    350th

March 8, 1944               1st Lt. John Zolner                    EV/INT           350th



ASR (Air Sea Rescue)

EV (Evade)

IIA (Injured in Action)

IIFA (Injured in Flying Accident)

INT (Interned)

KIA (Killed in Action)

KIFA (Killed in Flying Accident)

POW (Prisioner of War)

MIA (Missing in Action)

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