352nd Fighter Squadron

The Squadron was constituted September 29  and activated October 1, 1942. It was deactivated October 18, 1945. It was stationed at Mitchel Field, New York October 1, 1942; Richmond Army Air Base, Virginia circa October 7, 1942; Langley Field, Virginia November 2, 1942; Millville Army Air Field, New Jersey March 4, 1943; Goxhill, England  June 8, 1943; Metfield, England August 6, 1943; Raydon, England April 14, 1944-circa October 11, 1945; Camp Kilmer, New Jersey, October 16-18, 1945. It served on operations in Air defense prior to overseas duty and combat in the European Theatre of Operations, August 9, 1943 – April 25, 1945. It holds campaign streamers for Air Offensive Europe; Normandy; Northern France; Rhineland; Ardennes-Alsace; Central Europe and Air Combat European African Eastern Mediterrean Theatre (EAME). It was awarded the Distinguished Unit Citation for operations in Holland September 17-23, 1944.

Callsigns and Identification:

Metfield: Wakeford

Raydon: Jockey

Second Group Sqdn: Bullring

Aicraft Code Letters: SX



Late war photo of the Squadron Officers (probably some time in April 1945). Front row L to R Capt. Horace Q. Waggoner, Capt. Charles Wurtzler (Int), Maj. Wilton W. Johnson, Maj. Wilbert H. Juntilla, Capt. Giles B. Cook (Grd Exec), Lt. Eugene R. Murphy (Arm), Capt Henry E. Esperson (Eng), possibly Lt Alvin Kamins (Ast Eng), Capt Robert C. Miller (assgn 4/4/45). Second row L to R Capt Joseph F. Knoble, Lt. Harold Miller, Lt. Robert C. Hassell, Lt. Lindsay W. Grove, Lt. Ralph B. Snyder, Lt Edward D. Thomas, Lt. Irvin M. Lundy (Comms), Lt. William C. Cabanne, Capt. William C. Davis. Third row L to R Lt. William E. Beach, Lt. Roy R. Anderson, Lt. William R. Harbin, Lt. Hiram H. Spicer, Capt Harrison B. Tordoff, Lt. Charles A. Huff, Lt. Frank W. Leitner, Lt. Louis M. McAdory, Unknown (could be Lt. Billy J Lancaster pre 17 April 45, 2nd LT. Fancis P. McGough or F/O Lettes), Capt. Donald L. Barber. Fourth row L to R Lt. Henry B. Nelson, Capt James Cope (Flight Surgeon), Lt. Robert T. Rose, Lt. John A. McIntosh, Lt. Michael J. Martorella, Lt. Edward A. Knickelbein (KIFA July 3, 45), Lt. Richard M. McNally, Lt. Harry L. Hammer (Asst Int), Lt. Donald W. Schoen. Back row L to R Lt. William K. Bixby, Lt. Douglas A. Makikuhna, Lt. Harold R. Lammie, Lt. Charles W. Briggs, Lt. John E. Davenport, Lt. Albert P. Lang, Lt. James G. Bartley, Lt. Frank H. Bouldin (trans March 18, 45 but must have still been around for a while), Lt. William R. Bowker.

An interesting picture of Squadron officers taken between late January when Miller, Bixby, Beach and Anderson arrived and 16-20 March when Stephenson, Curry and Callans left. It’s not the full Squadron and I suspect it’s two flights – ‘B’ (Morrison) and ‘C’ (Callans). Front row L to R Capt. Maurice Morrison, Lt. William R. Curry, Capt. Glenn Callans, Lt. Harrison B. Tordoff. Second row L to R Capt Charles Wurtzler (Int), Lt. James W. Lamb (MIA April 17, 1945), Lt. Charles W. Briggs, Lt. Michael J. Martorella, Lt. Harold R. Lammie. Third row L to R Lt. Stewart E Stephenson, Lt. Donald W. Schoen, Lt. William R. Harbin, Lt. Wiliam K. Bixby, Lt. Roy R. Anderson, Lt. William E. Beach. Back row L to R Lt Albert P. Lang, Lt. Leroy O. Pletz, Lt. John E. Davenport, Lt. Douglas A. Makikuhna, Lt. Harold Miller, Lt. Harry L. Hammer (Asst Int), Capt. Horace Q. Waggoner.

352nd Ready room at Metfield in early 1944. Note the names on the desk – left is Bailey (Commander) and right is Wurtzler (Intelligence Officer).

The ready room at Raydon. Middle front seated is Jim Cope. On Cope’s left is Lt Hal Miller. Seated opposite Cope is Lt Raymond Eluhow. Standing by the bookcase is Capt. Fred L. Uttenweiler. Seated at his desk facing the window is Capt. Charles Wurtzler (Int Officer) – the others are unidentified. This picture is taken at the other end of the room shown in the page banner picture at the top of the page.You can just see the main hanger through the window.

Akard, Richard R., Lt.; Paris, TX. 10/4/44 – 13/11/44. Fw190 dest, Ju188 dam grd 12/8/44.

Ames, Kenneth, F/O.; Wrentham, Mass. 24/6/44 – 1/8/44 (KIA) Me410 dest grd 1/8/44.

Anderson, Roy R., Lt.; Florence, WI, 25/1/45 – U/K. Me109 dest grd 17/4/45.

Andrews, Edward C., Lt.; Glendale, CA. 10/4/44 – 1/9/44.

Armstrong, Clifford F., Lt.; New Baltimore, NY. 5/12/42- 29/6/44. Fw190 dest air 8/2/44; Me109 dest air 10/2/44, Fw190 dest grd, 0.5 Ju52 dest grd, 0.5 Fw190 dest ground 8/6/44; Fw190 dest air 10/6/44.

Avakian, Luther, Lt.; Fresno, CA. 10/4/44 – 7/6/44 (KIA).

Bailey, William B., Lt Col.; Rochester, NY. Assigned 352nd 10/42. Assigned Group 10/7/44-9/45. Me109 dest air 14/10/43; two He111 dest grd and one Ju88 dest grd 4/8/44; two Fw190s dest air 2/3/45.

Barber, Donald L., Capt.; Fort Smith, AK. 24/6/44 – 7/45. Fw190 dest air 6/7/44; Me109 dest air 4/8/44.

Bartley, James G., Lt.; Adron, OH. 25/1/45 – U/K. 0.5 Ju88 dest grd 16/4/45.

Barton, Morgan J., Lt.; KIFA 17/5/43.

Beach, William E., Lt.; Shenandoah, IA. 25/1/45 – U/K. He111 dest grd (shared) and Me109 dest grd 17/4/45.

Bixby, William K., III, Lt.; Clayton. MO. 25/1/45 – U/K. one t/e dest grd 21/3/45; one Ar96 dam, one t.e dam 16/4/45.

Blaicher, Donald F., Lt.; Tulsa, OK. 4/45 – 12/6/45 (KIFA) ex-bomber pilot.

Bouldin, Frank H., Jr., Lt.; Temple, TX. 1/8/44 – 28/1/45. Me110 dest air 28/8/44; Me109 dest air 27/11/44; Fw190 dest air 5/12/44.

Bowker, William R., Lt.; Portland, OR. 4/45 –U/K.

Briggs, Charles W., Lt.; Canegie, PA. 25/1/45 – U/K.

Burlingame, Gordon S., Capt.; Santa Ana, CA. 5/12/42 – 18/1/45. Do217 dest air 5/9/44.

Cabanne, William C., Lt.; Los Angeles, CA. 25/1/45 – 6/45.

Caldwell, Kenneth., Lt.; 10/42 – trfd after injury 5/43.

Callans, Glenn., Capt.; Thebes, Ill. 3/4/42 – 20/3/45. Fw190 dest air 8/2/44; Me109 dest air 29/3/44; Me163 dest grd, Ju88 dam grd 16/1/45.

Christopher, Richard S., Lt.; Sidney, IA. 1/8/44 – 12/3/45.

Cles, Leslie P., Capt.; Powell, WY. 5/12/42 – 8/11/44 (POW). Me109 dam air 19/5/44; Me109 dest grd 27/5/44; Me109 and Me110 dest grd 7/6/44; t/e dest grd, He129 dam grd 20/6/44; two t/e dest grd and one t/e dest shared 30/7/44; Fw190 prob air 2/11/44; 0.5 Ju88 dam ground 8/11/44.

Corgan, Robert D., Lt.; Portland, OR. 22/7/44 – 18/10/44.

Corrigan, Donald J., Lt.; Agency, IA. 21/10/42 – 24/5/44. Fw190 dest 8/2/44.

Cross, James F., Lt.; Memphis TN. 21/8/44 – 27/11/44 (KIA) Fw190 dest air 23/9/44.

Cundy, Arthur C., Lt.; Melbourne, Fl. 21/8/44 – 11/3/45 (KIA). Me109 dest air 27/11/44; Me109 dest air 24/12/44; Fw190 dest air 14/1/45; two Fw190 and one Me109 dest air 2/3/45.

Curry, William R., Lt.; Dallas, TX. 4/9/44 – 16/3/45. Me109 prob air 5/12/44.

Curtis, Victor N., Capt.; Wilmington, NC. 9/6/44 – 13/8/44 (EV). He111 dest grd 20/6/44; He111 dam grd 29/6/44 (shared); t/e dest grd 30/7/44.

Daines, Richard, Lt.; Logan, UT. 22/7/44 – 7/8/44 (KIA).

Dansky, Lester L., Lt.; Deadwood SD. 5/12/42 – 31/8/43 (KIA).

Davenport, John E., Lt.; Monroe, ID. 28/10/44 – 7/45. Two Me109 dam air 27/11/44; He111 dest grd 9/2/45.

Davis, William C., Capt.; Verona, MO. 22/7/44 – U/K. Two He111s dest grd18/11/44. Four Fw190s dest, one Fw190 dam all grd 17/4/45.

Dietz, George S., Lt.; Danville, PA. 4/9/43 – 23/9/43 (KIA).

Donovan, Walter J., Lt.; Arlington, Mass. 4/9/43 – 15/9/43 (KIA).

Dubois, Allen C., Lt.; Cameron, TX, 21/8/44 – 9/3/45.

Durlin, Robert C., Capt.; Denver, CL. 17/10/42 – 15/9/43.

Dustin, Harry H., Lt.; Bedford, Mass, 20/9/43 – 16/3/44 (MIA). Fw190 dest 8/3/43 air.

Edwards, Edmund B., Capt.; Richmond, VA. 27/8/45 – 7/45.

Eluhow, Raymond, Lt.; Philadelphia. PA. 11/4/44 – 8/44. Two t/e dest grd 30/7/44; 0.5 t/e dest grd 12/8/44.

Evans, James R., Lt.;  Imperial Beach, CA. 21/8/44 – 5/45. 0.5 Ju88 dam ground 8/11/44; Me109 dest air 27/11/44; two Fw190 dest,one Me109 prob 5/12/44; 0.5 t/e and 0.5 s/e dest a’’ grd 14/1/45; He177 dest grd, 0.5 Me110 dest grd 23/2/45.

Fogarty, Edward M., Lt.; Springfield, Ill. 21/10/42 – May 44. 0.33 Me110 dam 10/10/43; Me109 prob air 20/10/43.

Forkin, Thomas J., Capt.; Detroit, MI. 21/10/42 – 1/45. Two Me109s dest, one Me109 dam air 29/3/44; 0.5 share of Fw190 dest, Fw190 dam and Ju88 all ground 27/8/44.

Gabriel, John R., Lt.; Long Beach, CA. 6/6/44 – 12/6/44 (EV).

Geurtz, Robert P., Lt.; Milwaukee, WI. 21/10/42 – 6/44.

Gonnam, Jesse W., Capt.; Verona, Ill, 21/10/42 – 22/4/44 (POW). Me109 dest air 22/9/44; Me109 prob air, 0.5 Me109 dest air, Me109 dam air 30/12/43; three Fw190 dest air 7/1/44; Me110 dam air 10/2/44; 0.5 share of two Me110s and 0.5 share of He111 dam grd 16/3/44.

Green, Earl W., F/O.; Kamath Falls, Oregon. 26/5/44 – 6/6/44 (EV).

Greenwood, Raymond P., Lt.; Sandy, UT. 19/5/44 – 12/8/44 (EV). Me109 dest grd 7/6/44; He111 dest grd 20/6/44; Me41o dest grd 1/8/44; He111 dest grd 4/8/44; He111 dest grd 4/8/44; t/e dest grd,one Fw190 dest grd 12/8/44.

Grove, Lindsay W., Lt.; New Hartford, NY. 21/12/45 – U/K. Fw190 dest grd, Ju88 dest grd 16/1/45; Me109 dest air 2/3/45; two He111 dest grd, one He111 dam (shared) 16/4/45; one Me190 dest and one t/e dam all grd 17/4/45.

Hahn, Richard E., Lt.; Niles, MI. 21/11/44 – 18/3/44 (MIA).

Hajosy, Francis J., Lt.; Stafford Springs, Conn. 14/9/43 – 18/9/43 (KIFA).

Harbin, William R., Lt.; Memphis, Tenn. 21/12/44 – U/K.

Harris, Delbert E., Jr., Lt.; Riverside, CA. 15/6/44 – 1/8/44 (POW). T/e dam grd 20/6/44.

Hassell, Robert C., Jr., Lt.; Falfurrias, TX. 21/12/44 – U/K. 0.5 t/e and 0.5 s/e dest all grd14/1/45. Me109 dest and Me109 dam grd 17/4/45.

Hernandez, Victor M., Lt.; Mercedita, Puerto Rico. 21/8/44 – 4/12/44 (POW). Fw190 dam air 2/11/44; Ju88 dest grd 18/11/44.

Hicks, James R., F/O.; Cleveland, OH. 30/4/44 – 10/6/44. Me109 dam air 27/5/44; two Fw190 dest grd, one s/e dest grd 8/6/44.

Hoey, Charles J., Maj.; Arlington, NJ. Assigned 352nd 19/8/43. Assigned to Group 2/44/-9/44. Me109 dest air 22/9/43; Me109 dam air 8/10/43; Me109 dam air 20/10/43.

Huff, Charles A., Jr., Lt.; Indianapolis, ID. 4/45 – U/K.

Hunt, Lloyd Lt.; Los Angeles, CA. 19/5/44 – 4/7/44 (EV). 0.5 He111 dam grd 29/6/44.

Ista, Leroy W., Lt.; Walcott, ND. 5/12/43 – 22/12/43 (KIA). Me109 dest air 5/11/43.

Johnston, Wilton W., Maj.; Dassel, MN. 22/2/43 – 9/45. Fw190 dest air 30/12/43; 0.33 Do217 dest grd 21/1/44; Me109 dam air 19/5/44; Fw190 dest 5/12/44; Me109 dam air 24/12/44; Bucker 181 dest air 1/3/45; two t/e dest grd 1/3/45; two 190 dest, three 190 dam and one Me109 dam all ground 17/4/45.

Johnston, Virgil C., Jr., Lt.; Southern Pines, NC. 19/5/44 – 10/6/44 (MIA).

Jones, Thomas W., Lt.; Meherrin, VA. 19/5/44 – 11/44. T/e dest grd 30/7/44; two He111s dest grd, one t/e dest grd 4/8/44; two He111 dest grd 12/8/44; 0.5 Ju88 dest air 28/8/44.

Jordan, William J., Capt.; East Orange, NJ. 5/12/42 – 12-44. 0.5 Ju88 dest air, Me110 prob air 10/2/44; Me109 dest air 29/3/44; two t/e dest grd and 0.5 t/e dest grd 30/7/44; 0.5 t/e dest ground 4/8/44; 0.5 t/e dest grd 12/8/44; Fw190 dest grd 18/11/44.

Junttila, Wilbert H., Lt Col.; Calumet, MI. 21/10/42 – 7/45. 0.33 Me110 dam 10/10/43; Me109 dest, Me109 dam 14/10/43; Me110 dest air 3/11/43; 0.5 Me109 dam 27/11/44.

Keywan, Richard V., Lt.; Owsining, NY. 14/9/43 – 12/6/44. 0.33 Me110 dam air 10/10/43; Me109 dam air 14/10/43; 0.5 share of three Me109s dam grd 7/6/44; Me109 dest air, two Me109s dam 12/6/44.

Kipfer, Charles W., Lt.; Richmond, VA. 21/10/42 – 5/44.

Knickelbein, Edward A., Lt.; Antideh, Ill. 2/45 – 3/7/45 (KIFA). Fw190 dest, Me110 dest, Fi156 dest all grs 16/4/45; two Me109s dest,one Fw190 dam, one Storch dam all grd 17/4/45.

Knoble, Joseph F., Capt.; Amherst, OH. 2/44 – 9/45. Fw190 dest air, Fw190 dam air 8/3/44; Me410 dam grd 7/6/44; Me109 dest air 27/11/44; Fw190 dest air 5/12/44.

Kritz, Stephen J., Lt.; Mt Airy, PA. 10/44 – 26/11/44 (KIA).

Lamb, James W., Lt.; Brownsville, PA. 18/11/44 – 17/4/45 (MIA). Me109 dest, Me109 dam, Ju88 dam, t/e dam all grd 16/4/45; t/e dest grd 17/4/45.

Lammie, Harold R., Lt.; Pittsburg, PA. 18/11/44 – U/K. Ju88 dam grd 16/1/45; Fw190 dam grd 17/4/45.

Lancaster, Billy J., Lt.; Old Hickory, TN. 2/45 – 17/4/45 (MIA). Fw190 dest, Me109 dest, Me109 dam all grd, 0.5 He111 dest grd.

Lang, Albert P., Lt.; Pittsburgh, PA. 18/11/44 – U/K.

Leitner, Frank W., Lt.; Aiken, SC. 3/45 – 6/45. Me109 dest, one Fw190 dam, one Me110 dam all grd 16/4/45; Fw190 dam grd 17/4/45.

Lepird, Jack D., Lt.; Fargo, ND. 4/4/43 – 24/7/43 (KIFA).

Lettas, Andrew N., F/O.; Hornell, NY. 4/45 – 6/45.

Makikuhna, Douglas A., Lt.; Atlantic Mine, MI. 18/11/44 – U/K.

Marchant, William S., Lt.; Newport News, VA. 20/9/43 – 10/6/43 (KIA). 0.5 Me110 dest, Do217 dam grd 25/2/44; Me109 dam air 19/5/44; t/e dest grd and two Me109 dam grd 25/5/44.

Martorella, Michael J., Lt.; Pittsburg, PA. 18/11/44 – U/K.

Mathias, W.M., Lt.; Findlay, Ill. 17/10/42 – 29/6/43 (KIFA).

Mayhew, Buren B., Lt.; Mooresville, NC. 19/5/44 – 8/44. Fw190 dam grd 7/6/44.

McAdory, Louis M., Lt.; 2/45 – U/K.

McGarry, William T., Lt.; East Orange, NY. 19/5/44 – 9/44. Fw190 dam grd 7/6/44. Do217 5/9/44 Burlingame given credit.

McGough, Francis P., Lt.; Watertown, Conn. 3/45 – U/K.

McIntosh, John A., Jr., Lt.; Utica, NY. 3/45 – U/K. 0.5 He111 dam grd 16/4/45; Me109 dam grd 17/4/45.

McNally, Richard M., Lt.; Boston, Mass. 4/45 – 6/45.

McPherson, Harry H., Lt.; Kansas City, MO. 17/10/42 – 24/7/43 (KIFA).

Michel, Alvin, Lt.; Brooklyn, NY. 18/11/44 – 21/3/45 (POW).

Miller, Harold, Lt.; St Claire Shores. MI. 1/45 – 6/45.

Miller, Harold O., Lt.; Santa Rosa, CA. 30/4/44 – 8/44. Fw190 dest grd, 0.5 Ju52 dest grd 8/6/44; Fw190 dest air 12/6/44; Me109 dest air 22/6/44; two Me109s dam air 30/6/44; two He111 dest grd 4/8/44.

Miller, Robert, Capt.; Petersburg, FL. Assigned Group 4/4/45-4/45 to 352nd FS.

Moriarty, Russell E., Lt.; Fort Lee, NJ. 14/9/43 – 30/12/43 (POW).

Morrison, Maurice, Capt.; Kalamazoo, MI. 3/4/43 – 5/45. Me110 dest 3/11/43; Me163 dest and He177 dam grd 18/11/44.

Motley, James L., Lt.; Barnsville, GA. 24/6/44 – 1/45. Me109 dest grd 27/8/44.

Murden, Robert T., Lt.; Louisville, KY. 29/7/43 – 31/8/43 (POW).

Nance, Harold E., Lt.; Witchita, KN. 24/6/44 – 1/45.

Nelson, Henry B., Lt.; Nashville, TN. 2/45 – U/K.

Newman, Robert A., Lt.; Goose Creek, TX. 21/10/42 – 6/3/44 (KIA). Me109 dest Me109 dam air 14/10/44; Me110 dest air 3/11/43; Me210 dest air  (shared with B-24) 1/12/43; 0.5 Ju88 dest air 30/1/44; Fw190 dest grd 22/2/44.

Newton, William M., Jr., Lt.; Spartanburg, SC. 19/5/44 – 10/44. Fw190 dest air 26/8/44; Me110 dam air 28/8/44.

Niklaus, Herbert F., Lt.; Jamestown, NY. 24/6/44 – 2/45.

Owens, Hildreth R., Lt.; Quinton, NJ. 14/9/43 – 5/44.

Parker, Bill, Lt.; Halfmoon Bay, CA. 24/6/44 – 11/44. 0.5 Ju88 dest air 28/8/44.

Perry, Earl W., Jr., F/O.; Cleveland, OH. 26/1/43 – 6/9/43 (KIA).

Pletz, Leroy O., Lt.; Harrisburg, PA. 28/10/44 – 7/45. 0.5 He177 dest grd , one He111 dest grd and one He111 dam grd 23/2/45; He111 dest and two He111 dam all grd 16/4/45; Me109 dam grd 17/4/45.

Poindexter, James N., Maj.; Howe, TX. 21/10/42 – 3/1/45 (KIA). Me109 dest air 23/9/43; Me110 and Me210 dest air 3/11/43; two Me109s dest air 22/2/44; Fw190 dam air 24/2/44; two Fw190s dest air 30/5/44; Me109 dest grd and 0.5 of three Me109s dam grd 7/6/44; He111 dest grd 20/6/44; Me410 dest grd 1/8/44; He177 dest, He177 dam all grd 18/11/44.

Porterfield, George N., Lt.; Vicker, VA. 24/6/44 – 2/45. 0.5 t/e dest grd 4/8/44; Fw190 dest air 23/9/44; Fw190 dest air 31/13/44.

Reinhardt, Edwin D., Lt.; Brecksville, OH. 19/5/44 – 11/44. Me109 dest grd 7/6/44; t/e dest grd 20/6/44; He111 and Me410 dest grd 4/8/44 and Fw190 dest grd 12/8/44.

Robertson, Raynor E., Maj.; Elisville, MS. 17/10/42 – 5/44. Fw190 dam air 5/11/44; Fw190 dest air 8/2/44; Fw190 dest, Fw190 dam air 8/3/44.

Rosatone, Anthony R., Lt.; Midland, PA. 21/8/44 – 18/1/45 (KIA).

Rose, Robert T., Lt.; Imperial, TX. 2/45 – U/K. ONE He111 dest, Ju88 dam all grd 16/4/45; one Ju88 dest, one Ju88 dam, one Me109 dam all grd 17/4/45.

Schillinger, Joseph A., Lt.; Windsor, CN. 14/9/43 – 5/44.

Schoen, Donald W., Lt.; Sioux City, IO. 28/2/45 – 7/45. Me110 and He111 dest, He111 dam all grd 23/2/45. He111 dest, He111 dam all grd 10/4/45.

Schreiber, Joseph, Lt.; Brooklyn, NY. 28/10/44 – 2/3/45 (POW). Two t/e dest grd 1/3/45; Me109 dest air 2/3/45.

Sladek, Charles E., Lt.; St Louis, Mo. 21/8/44 – 28/9/44 (KIFA).

Snyder, Ralph B., Lt.; Buffalo, NY. 28/10/44 – U/K. Me109 dam grd 17/4/45.

Sperry, Clinton H., Lt.; Oaklawn, RI. 6/12/42 – 7/44. Me109 prob air 22/12/43; 0.33 D0217 dest grd 21/1/44; Final Wing score was five aircraft destroyed.

Stephenson, Stewart E., Lt.; Danville, Ill. 21/8/44 – 3/45. Me262 dam air 23/12/44.

Stiff, Edison G., Lt.; Hackettstown, NJ. 3/9/43 – 22/2/44 (KIA). Fw190 prob air 20/12/43.

Streit, William F., Lt.; Pochahontas, IA. 17/10/42 – 6/44. Me109 dam and Me109 dest air 23/9/43; Me109 dest air 14/10/43; Ju88 dam air 10/1/44; 0.5 Me110 dest and one t/e dam grd 25/2/44; Me109 dest air 29/3/44.

Sullivan, Edward J., Lt.; Seattle, WA. 28/10/44 – 2/3/45 (POW). Fw190 dest air 2/3/45.

Swanezy, John J., F/O.; Attleboro Flls, Mass. 24/6/44 – 18/8/44 (MIA). He111 and Me410 dest grd 4/8/44.

Tear, Harry E., Jr., Lt.; Bronxville, NY. 24/6/44 – 2/45. Me109 prob air 2/11/44.

Thomas, Edward D., Lt.; DuBois, ID. 28/10/44 – U/K. Ju88 dest grd 18/11/44.

Tordoff, Harrison B., Capt.; Mechanicville, NY. 24/6/44 – 7/45. TWO Me109s dest air 4/8/44; He111 and t/e dest grd 4/8/44; Me109 dest air 27/9/44; Me262 dest air 31/3/45; Me109 dest air 7/4/45; Me109 dest, Do217 dest, 0.5 Ju88 dest, U/I t/e dest all grd 16/4/45.

Tuttle, James M., Lt.; Norfolk, VA. 24/6/44 – 12/8/44 (EV). Two t/e dest grd 4/8/44.

Uttwenweiler, Fred L., Capt.; Bridgeport, Conn. 24/6/44 – 1/45. Two He111 dest grd 4/8/44; four He111 dest, three He111 dam all grd 24/10/44.

Vogel, Victor L., Lt.; Sterling, KN. 26/1/43 – 11/1/44 (KIA).

Waggoner, Horace Q., Capt.; Waggoner, Ill. 22/3/44 – 7/45. Do217 dest grd 27/5/44; Fw190 dest and two Fw190 dam grd 7/6/44; Fw190 dest and 0.5 Fw190 dest grd 8/6/44; Ju88 dam grd 20/6/44; Hs129 dam grd 20/6/44; Me109dest 24/12/44; Me109 dest 25/12/44; two Fw190s and one Me109 dest air 2/3/45; three Me109 dest, one Ju88 dest all grd 17/4/45.

Willits, Gordon L., Lt.; Grand Island, NB. 29/7/43 – 18/4/44. 0.5 Me109 dest air 30/12/43.

Ground Officers

352nd Officers: Back row L to R Hammer, Cook, Cope, Bailey, Esperson, Wurtzler, Spicer. Front row L to R Murphy and Lundy.

Executive: Capt. Otis V. Stephenson until transferred to Group. Replaced by Capt. Giles B. Cook.

Headquarters: 2nd Lt. Robert J. Charles Jr.

Intelligence: Lt L. Stackler until transferred and replaced by Capt. Charles Wurtzler and assistant 1st Lt. Harry L. Hammer

Engineering: Capt. Henry E. Esperson and assistant 1st Lt. Alvin Kamins

Communications: 1st Lt. Irvin M. Lundy

Armament and Ordnance: 1st Lt Frederick F. Tweed replaced by 1st Lt. Eugene R. Murphy

Flight Surgeon: Capt James C. Cope

Supply: 1st Lt Hiram H. Spicer

Chemical: 1st Lt Eugene R. Murphy

Transportation: 1st Lt Hiram H. Spicer

Enlisted Men

Intelligence, Operations, Communications, Drivers

Names unknown

Orderly Room, Medics, QM Supply

Mechanical, Armament, Supply, Transport, Communications

Mechanical, Armament, Engineering, Supply

Names unknown


Names unknown

‘A’ Flight

Crew chiefs, armorers, communications and others all mixed. Names unknown.

‘B’ Flight

Crew Chiefs, Asst Crew Chiefs, Armorers, Communications and other. Names unknown.

‘C’ Flight

Crew Chiefs, Asst Crew Chiefs, Armorers, Communications and others. Standing far right is likely S/Sgt E M Rice and next to him Hogan. Others unknown.

‘D’ Flight

Crew Chiefs, Asst Crew Chiefs, Armorers, Communications and others. Front row L to R William Jopke (Flight Chief), Thomas A Jones (Armament Chief), unknown, Howard Pippig (Armorer), Joe Lopez (Armorer), Robbins, Freddy Nasser, George Porteous, Gardner, Francis Vincent (Armorer), unknown. Standing L to R Unknown radio man, unknown communications man, Meidel, Blake Probert (Armament), Vincent Hope (Armament), Wiengacz, Clark, Steve Sirota (Crew Chief), Robert Orwig, Brandon, unknown, Richard Good (Armament), Schesko, Wes Wilber (Camera Tech).

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    Thank you very, very much for creating this resource. My grandfather, Ottis V. Stephenson, is listed and pictured above (yes, it is Ottis, not Otis). I’ve never seen the picture of him before. I would love to know more about it – when it was taken, by whom, where. If you would, please contact by email, if you have that information, or if you know where I could find it.

    Thank you again,

  2. Randy

    I am new to this site, but love it. I “adopted” the 353rd as my favorite WWII fighter group. I take especial interest in the 352nd FS as I became a fan of Capt. Horace Waggoner, one of its aces and long-time pilots. Being as he is an Illinois native (and I am) and that he named his plane after the Univ. of Illinois mascot-the “Fighting Illini” and named the three planes assigned to him in the 353rd “Miss Illini”, I formed a bond. You might say that I adopted him as my favorite unsung hero.

    I have a great uncle who served as an enlisted man in the 101rst Airborne during WWII and lived to tell about it. Another uncle enlisted in the navy on July 4, 1940 and went on to serve on four different destroyers through the course of the war. He chased German ships in the Gulf of Mexico prior to Dec. 1941 and hunted U-boats in the Atlantic. One of his destroyers went down with a loss of ten before the war, off of Key West. The last tin can he served on was credited with the sinking of a Japanese sub and served at Guadal Canal, the Solomons Campaign, Truk Island and ferried the principal U.S. commanders to the USS Missouri in Tokyo Bay for the the surrender ceremony of Japan. My uncle was a gunners mate 1rst class and was wounded by shrapnel during an air attack.

    Let me say that the more I learn about the Sly Birds and Mr. Waggoner, the more I find myself bonding with both of them.

    Mr. Waggoner went on to serve in the modern Air Force and distinguished himself in one single act during the Vietnam War, that it actually belittled his service with the 353rd-if you can believe that! He also served in the Guard and during the Korean Conflict.

    Mr. Waggoner retired from the Air Force in (about) 1976 and later worked at the U of IL Sangamon Univ. branch in Springfield, IL. He gathered “oral history” for the university’s library, which I believe was something new. His war experiences and those he collected from other members at the 1983 353rd reunion in Phoenix were among his efforts at preserving the history of this FG. Mr. Waggoner died in 1987 of a heart attack, while repainting his home church in his hometown of Waggoner, IL. He was a member of the “greatest generation.”

    Any information about the 353rd FG as a whole and especially the 352nd FS and Mr. Waggoner would be much appreciated!

  3. Lynda Lancaster Legge

    What a wonderful website!!! I am Billy Jack Lancaster’s daughter and can affirm that he is indeed the ‘unknown’ Pilot on the above “Late war photo of officers … (probably some time in April 1945)” (second officer photo above), third row, sixth from left. The photo was taken no later than mid-April 1945 as he is in the picture. He would not have been included after April 17th. I have his footlocker with all of his flight training records, transfer orders and flights with the 352nd. I also am fortunate enough to have his flight jacket and uniform from that time.

    Dad made port call out of New York City in January 1945 and joined the 352nd at the end of that month. He started with his theater indoctrination with some 1:00 and 1:30 hour flights in February and then started flying operational missions in March. He completed 21 operational flights, some 4:30 to 5:20 hours long. He was shot down on 17 April 1945 while he and a flight lead were strafing a German airfield at Regensburg. He was injured by AAA, fortunately bailed out and landed safely, but was captured and interred in a German hospital until freed by Patton’s forces several weeks later. I also have the story of his bail-out, capture, hospitalization and subsequent repatriation by Patton’s forces in his words from an interview taken in the 1970’s.

    Dad returned to the US in mid-1945, left the Army Air Force later that year, enrolled at the University of Texas, and graduated in January 1948 when he joined Atlantic-Richfield Company. He worked his way up through ARCO and eventually became the Chief Executive Officer and President before he passed away in September 1980.

    He always loved flying and insisted on overseeing the aviation section of ARCO until his passing. Again, thank you so much for this site and letting me learn about this time in his life.

    • Keith Davenport

      Lynda, my name is Keith Davenport, my father mentioned your dad in one of his missions with the 352nd FS. Thank you for sharing the above about your dad. I noticed he was listed as being from Old Hickory, TN. I live there now. I would like to hear any other information about your dad and also possibly share anything further I may find about your dad.

  4. Bob Jeter

    Anyone have any info on Lt James Wilbur Jeter?
    KIA 11/25/1944 on run to Merseberg
    Thanks, Bob Jeter (cousin)

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