Lt. Stanley S. Petticrew Jr., 351st Fighter Squadron, January 20, 1922 – January 21, 2015.

I have to report that we have lost another veteran of the 351st Fighter Squadron. Pilot Stanley Scott Petticrew Jr., passed away January 21, 2015 in his home town of Springfield, Ohio – the day after his 93rd birthday.

Stan undertook ten hours familiarisation flying in a Piper Cub at Birmingham Southern College during April/May 1943 and then completed his pre-flight at Maxwell Field, Alabama, his primary training at Decatur, Alabama, his basic at Courland, Alabama and his advanced training in Craig Field, Alabama – graduating February 2, 1944. No doubt the amount of time he spent in Alabama during his training resulted in the name of his P-51 with the 351st “Birmingham Anne.”

Stan then completed 100 hours in P-40s at Fort Myers and Page Field where he served with the 15th FS of the 53rd FG. After this he travelled to Camp Kilmer and on August 4, 1944 embarked on a 15 day voyage to the United Kingdom arriving at Bristol.

After a short stay with the 495th Fighter Training Group at Goxhill (August 20 – September 18, 1944) he joined the 505th FS, 339th FG at Fowlmere and recalled that he flew several mission with them (I have no further details to confirm this at this point).  The 353rd FG were at this time desperately short of pilots and so ten pilots were hastily transferred from  Fowlmere to Raydon  on October 2, 1944 (they were Warren, Linger, Clark, Rosen, Arnold, Fulton, French, Gilmer, Petticrew and Brock). Stan knew many of these pilots well from training and was saddened when Arnold, French and Brock were later killed in action.

The Group did not give him long to settle in. Stan flew the first of 65 missions from Raydon on October 12, 1944 and his last on April 20, 1945. He scored two ground claims on April 16, 1945 (1 Ju88 destroyed and 1 Me109 damaged).  His assigned aircraft was YJ-Y “Birmingham Anne” (a/c 44-11191). This aircraft has a number of names associated with it and was certainly flown by Stan for a time under its previous owner’s name “Betts 2nd” (as named by Lt. Christensen).

Stan was very proud of his association with the Squadron and Group and returned to Raydon in 1995 as part of the reunion party that year. I also had the pleasure of meeting him at several reunions in the United States and spending a very pleasant day with him at the Wright Patterson USAF museum in 1998. He was buried January 24, 2015 with a full USAF Honour Guard in attendance.

This news is posted with condolences to his family at this time and with thanks to his niece, Melinda Callahan, for notifying us of this sad news.


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